The same is true of Robotics Engineering, another relatively new area of study that was once extremely uncommon but is now mainstream. The best engineering field for the future should, therefore, be decided based on your preferences. Based on job growth projections and average salaries that are higher than the national average salary, there are several job options within the engineering field that offer career stability. Job Growth: As of 2019, there were 143,000 occupational therapists in the U.S., according to the OOH. When you have a clear idea of which jobs will be in demand in the future, you can make a more informed decision that’ll help you as a new college grad later. 17.6% more solicitors will be needed by 2020. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts rapid growth for a range of engineering occupations through the next decade and beyond, but record job creation is only part of what makes this sector so attractive; six of the top 7 highest paying [undergraduate] college majors … These are the 20 best jobs in America in 2020, according to a new ranking—and they're hiring Published Wed, Jan 15 2020 10:07 AM EST Courtney Connley @classicalycourt Engineer a better future by studying Engineering at bachelor’s (honours) or master’s level. The job board offers the best engineering jobs for engineers, with thousands of jobs in engineering across the U.S. and Canada. With big data and machine learning rapidly developing, this is unlikely to change any time soon. A software engineer is one such career option which offers good perks and remuneration. Iam SC category which can I select the field. This table ranks jobs from 1 to 25, ranking the “best jobs.” “Best” is defined as job titles with the highest number of postings per one million jobs and offering the highest pay (using a baseline salary of $75,000), combined with consistent growth in share of postings from 2016-2019. They are responsible for improving manufacturing processes and reducing costs, and they can work across any business sector. Mobile app developer is listed at number three on the top 10 best jobs of the future list by ThinkAdvisor. What about electrical and electronic engineering. Why It's a Job of the Future By 2020, the Bureau Labor of Statistics envisions a whopping 35.8% job growth for epidemiologists, who make a median salary of $64,220—thanks to … Network Engineer. Prospective students who searched for Best Engineering Degrees for the Future found the following resources, articles, links, and information helpful. Its subdivisions are: The best-paying industries for this field include aviation and space, and management consultancy. As a result, engineering is one of the fastest growing and best-paid professions in the world. The future of work is going to be something beyond our wildest dreams. Software developer, dentist, physician assistant, orthodontist and nurse practitioner are among the top-ranked careers on the list. you want to study in by taking our quick survey. Please login or register to post comment above our articles. They analyzed 785 popular jobs in the United States and predicted best jobs for the future based on the strongest growth rates over the next 10 years between 2016 and 2026. The occupations on our 2020 Best Engineering Jobs list are diverse and offer good salaries. companies as well. How Can Students Make Themselves ‘Work Ready’ at University? Jul 29, 2020. If you are an engineering graduate & looking for sarkari naukri then you can subscribe to our site to get alerts for govt jobs. There are over 40 different types of engineering careers in 5 different sub disciplines. Demand for all education professionals will continue to outgrow other professions by 2020. Predicting the best jobs for the future requires understanding that all kinds of variables will interact in complex and surprising ways. Everyone wants a career that pays well. Engineers have to ensure the integrity and security of network infrastructure to provide the best performance for the users. The demand for core engineers are on the rise, and India is becoming one of the most attractive destinations for engineering services. Upload your resume and subscribe to Engineering Jobs Vacancies in Engineering 2020 to know immediately about the latest Engineering recruitment 2020 notification for both fresher's and experienced candidates. To land one of these highest paying engineering jobs, you will need the right experience and credentials. Here’s a look at the top 13 engineering positions that bring all of that and more to the table. 20 jobs with both good salary and projected growth. Big, scary robots. There are plenty of opportunities in govt. Although any company that runs its own databases requires software engineers , they form the core working body of many innovative tech giants such as Apple , Google and Facebook . But not for engineers. For students with an aptitude for math and science, as well as the ability to problem-solve, obtaining a degree for one of these types of engineering positions may not only provide them with good pay, but a career that is rewarding and fulfilling.